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Our evidence-based, trauma-informed training videos are designed to support your organization’s commitment to child well-being. Your access to critical training to better protect, support, and heal begins here:


Emotional Well-being & Healing Practices for Children

32 video series | Available in English & Rohingya

In this series, we break down the impact of displacement, instability, violence, and trauma in children, and offer exercises to support children in their healing journey.



Self Care Before Child Care

8 video series

Effective care for children begins with self-care. This module offers daily practices that can help caregivers stay focused, engaged, and better able to meet the needs of the children.



Make a Life Changing Difference in a Child’s Life

15 video series

If we want to see optimism, positivity, joy, and healing in children, then it begins with caregivers who embody these values. Steve Gross walks us through how we can show up and make a lasting impact on their lives. 



Prevent & Respond to Sexual Abuse

16 video series

How can caregivers help prevent and respond to sexual abuse? Global Health expert Meera Seshadri shares guidance on how to handle challenging conversations and how to navigate them in a culturally sensitive way. 



Child Protection 101

15 video series

Child Protection and Psychosocial support officer Wayne Bleier walks us though the most common dangers for vulnerable and displaced children, and how we can ensure they are kept safe.



Meet Nutritional Needs

11 video series

Food insecurity is a sad reality for vulnerable and displaced children. Learn how to identify the early signs of nutritional deficiencies and how to meet the most basic health needs of the child with nutrition expert, Lara Zakaria. 



Coming Soon

Prevent Disease Spread

18 video series

Close quarters and lack of proper sanitation can lead to health challenges. The good news is that we can take preventative measures to mitigate the risks. Dr. Henna Qureshi shares practical approaches for preventing disease spread. 

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