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series: Protecting the Children by Wayne Bleier


Child trafficking occurs all the time, but it, it may increase during times of instability. During times of instability, children lose the basic protection structures that the community provides for them. There everything is in flux. They're parents are worried about survival as opposed to necessarily the children. Um, they're, they might not even have parents. They might be unaccompanied, so...

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therefore they have nobody to protect them. It's also a time when foreigners see, you know, the government is, things are in flux so people can enter into the situation that might not have been able to do that before. And you know, we've seen that in different situations. I mean there's also another interesting thing is that I have seen is where people wanting the best for their children will give them away to people who say they're running orphanages because they think the child will be cared for. But many times this can be okay

a way into trafficking. You know, mainly it's, it's just a tough time for everybody. The traditional structures are not there. The neighborhoods are not there. That used to protect children. There's not the school or education where children would go a day and the teacher would be there to, you know, to look out for the child's best interests.


Wayne Bleier

Wayne is a trained child and family therapist with over 25 years of experience supervising and implementing CP programs overseas in Former -Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Rep of Congo, Indonesia, East Timor, Afghanistan, Liberia, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Uganda, Lebanon, and Bangladesh. During this time he worked with Mike Wessells at Columbia University.

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He has worked for IRC, Save the Children UK, Child Fund International, War Child UK and UNICEF. Wayne holds an MSW degree from the University of Washington. Currently he holds the position of Child Protection Manger and Case Management Specialist for DRC's program working in the Rohingya emergency in Bangladesh.


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