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series: Protecting the Children by Wayne Bleier


I think abuse is an important issue. That's one thing we need to be aware of if we see it in children's play, we see it in their drawings, or we see them fighting with another child. We need to sit down and ask them what's going on. That's important.

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We also have a lot of boys being involved, especially older boys--since we don't have secondary school--involved in hazardous or dangerous labor. You see them carrying around big latrine slabs--usually two kids on the stack. You'll see them carrying the stoves. You'll see them carrying big bags of things to work in the mosque.

That's another thing. Children are involved in hazardous labor. They're also going to collect firewood further and further away from their camp, which is also dangerous. There's been some, and children have been harassed doing this, you know, we, we have had incidences of trafficking by trafficking.

I mean children are taken to do things that they wouldn't normally do, such as prostitution or carrying drugs. They can be used because it's easier for them to cross the border. Also because if they get caught they're not going to get the same sentences as adults. That happens all over the world, unfortunately.

Another thing is child marriage, people come to marry girls. Then they sell them to brothels which is an issue that we can't necessarily intervene in directly, but we can provide a lot of prevention measures.


Wayne Bleier

Wayne is a trained child and family therapist with over 25 years of experience supervising and implementing CP programs overseas in Former -Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Rep of Congo, Indonesia, East Timor, Afghanistan, Liberia, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Uganda, Lebanon, and Bangladesh. During this time he worked with Mike Wessells at Columbia University.

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He has worked for IRC, Save the Children UK, Child Fund International, War Child UK and UNICEF. Wayne holds an MSW degree from the University of Washington. Currently he holds the position of Child Protection Manger and Case Management Specialist for DRC's program working in the Rohingya emergency in Bangladesh.


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