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series: Protecting the Children by Wayne Bleier


When I'm in the center, children always come up to me and show me their drawings and I tell the instructors that all they want is recognition. A child wants to be recognized for doing something that's meaningful to them. I always go out of my way to comment on their drawing and tell them how nice it is. Even if there are fifty kids, I will recognize each one because that's important.

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Everyone wants to be recognized for doing something positive, which is a simple way of doing that. For example, coming by when children are playing cooperatively and commenting on it and If they're not, then redirecting a child to do something else or changing the environment so that they can play.

Often I'll see a group of children and only a few are playing then I will invite the others to play. If I see a child withdrawn then I'll invite that child to come and sit down and do something. I'll go out of my way to do that and to make sure that the child is having a positive experience in the center and that they have accomplished something that they think is important and they get recognized for it which for me is the most important thing.


Wayne Bleier

Wayne is a trained child and family therapist with over 25 years of experience supervising and implementing CP programs overseas in Former -Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Rep of Congo, Indonesia, East Timor, Afghanistan, Liberia, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Uganda, Lebanon, and Bangladesh. During this time he worked with Mike Wessells at Columbia University.

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He has worked for IRC, Save the Children UK, Child Fund International, War Child UK and UNICEF. Wayne holds an MSW degree from the University of Washington. Currently he holds the position of Child Protection Manger and Case Management Specialist for DRC's program working in the Rohingya emergency in Bangladesh.


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