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series: Protecting the Children by Wayne Bleier


Hi! My name is Wayne Blair. I'm a clinical social worker. I usually work with children in conflict situations. I've been doing this for 25 years in at least 13 different countries around the world. I've worked with many organizations such as the International Rescue Committee, Christian Children's Fund, Save the Children or child and UNICEF.

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My work's important to me because it's very fulfilling. I like to be in situations where you can impact change quickly because when societies are in flux--before things solidify--you can do a lot. No one's telling you what to do.

You can do what you think is important. I see a lot of changes in the children I work with and in the national staff I work with--that's what gets me going through the night.


Wayne Bleier

Wayne is a trained child and family therapist with over 25 years of experience supervising and implementing CP programs overseas in Former -Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Rep of Congo, Indonesia, East Timor, Afghanistan, Liberia, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Uganda, Lebanon, and Bangladesh. During this time he worked with Mike Wessells at Columbia University.

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He has worked for IRC, Save the Children UK, Child Fund International, War Child UK and UNICEF. Wayne holds an MSW degree from the University of Washington. Currently he holds the position of Child Protection Manger and Case Management Specialist for DRC's program working in the Rohingya emergency in Bangladesh.


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