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series: PREVENTING SEXUAL ABUSE by meera seshadri

Body language can show a lot of affection. Body language such as tone and the way you say something. If you would like to offer a hug; just ask, "Would it be okay if I hug you?, What do you think about a high five? Maybe a fist bump?"

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Something that feels natural to you and then give children a lot of different choices. One child may want to high five you while another child may be okay with the hug. Being really sensitive to the gender of children and not assuming that younger girls are okay with hugs while younger boys may like high fives. Really not playing into those stereotypes and giving all children a choice is important.


Meera Seshadri

Meera is a health communications specialist, researcher, and activist working at the intersection of gender-based violence prevention and sexual health promotion. She has spent over a decade working to increase access to, and utilization of, comprehensive...

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sexual health resources for adolescents in communities worldwide, developing violence prevention and education programs at Emory, Georgetown, and Harvard Universities and working as a consultant and curriculum development specialist for Soteria Solutions, the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the World Bank.

She is passionate about confronting the ideological and institutional challenges that affect young people's health, wellness, and autonomy. Meera works in coalition with university, non-profit, corporate, and community stakeholders to create policies and environments that prioritize gender equity, intersectionality, and social justice.


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