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series: Preventing Disease Spread By Dr. Henna Qureshi


So my name is Steve Gross and my official title is the chief playmaker of the life is good kids foundation. Our mission is to spread the power of optimism, to help kids heal.

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I started this work because I love children. I believe in the superpowers of kids that their love, their compassion, their openness, their authenticity, their desire to have fun, their sense of humor, their creativity, their courage, that those elements of being a child, those are superpowers. And that actually we, as adults, can learn from children's superpowers. And those are actually the superpowers that can help change the world.


Dr. Henna Qureshi

Dr. Henna Qureshi is a board certified pediatrician at the Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children in Virginia as well as Assistant Professor for Pediatrics at the Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Qureshi has received the following honors: Certificate of Recognition for Excellence in Teaching, VCU School of Medicine (2017 and 2018)...

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Inova Fairfax Hospital Primary Care pediatrician of the year, 2016; 2018 Top Community Preceptor 2015 – 2016.She volunteers her time to performing humanitarian work, disaster relief work, and refugee medicine serving as the Pediatric chair for the NGO MedGlobal, the local chapter of the Human Development Foundation, as well as the Global Health Advisor for Inova Fairfax Hospital for Childrens Pediatric Residency program. Her global health experience includes working in Haiti, Central America, Pakistan, Malawi, and caring for Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Greece. Over the last two years, she has continued her international medical work with a focus on the Rohingya refugee population making several trips to Bangladesh with OBAT Helpers and Medglobal.


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