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No Limit Gen Announces its Global Child Well-being Platform

June 11, 2019

Washington DC: This week, No Limit Generation (NLG) launched the first global platform for children’s well-being to better protect, heal, and support vulnerable and displaced children. The online-platform makes critical healing guidance available for aid-workers and caregivers on the front lines of global humanitarian crises.

Rohingya aid-workers and caregivers participate in NLG’s Emotional Wellbeing Module Training, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.  In front: NLG Founder, Samier Mansur

Rohingya aid-workers and caregivers participate in NLG’s Emotional Wellbeing Module Training, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

In front: NLG Founder, Samier Mansur

Every child deserves a chance at living a happy and meaningful life, and in this way, we can create the conditions for the most vulnerable children to rise and thrive into their full potential.

The platform was built in response to a critical need. Through NLG’s work with hundreds of Rohingya refugee children, it became clear that front-line caregivers often lack the professional and educational backgrounds in child well-being and protection. They can benefit from practical guidance so they can play a healing role in the lives of vulnerable children. Existing interventions designed to address these training gaps are either infrequent, inaccessible, or hindered by communication or language barriers.

Since the world’s leading child well-being professionals can’t always be on the front lines, NLG’s platform makes their healing guidance readily accessible through an engaging and field-accessible digital platform that equips front-line aid workers with the training they need to show up as more informed, and effective caregivers in the lives of vulnerable children.

“A child’s past does not need to determine his or her future. If we surround them with love, security, and believe in their limitless potential, we create the conditions for them to heal and achieve wonders,” said NLG Founder, Samier Mansur.

The open-access NLG platform currently features 115 short training videos on a range of critical child well-being themes that are designed to support any organization working with vulnerable and displaced children around the world.  28 videos focused on mental health have been translated in partnership with Translators without Borders (TWB), and piloted in the Rohingya refugee camps with a child-rights humanitarian organization with transformative results.

“We are honored to provide No Limit Generation with language support on such a critical project,” says Irene Scott TWB’s Program Director, Bangladesh. “It’s important that Rohingya-speaking caregivers are given the guidance they need, in the language they best understand, to support children as they heal and grow.”

One Bangladeshi aid worker with oversight of dozens of child-friendly facilities serving 2,500 local and Rohingya children reacted to the platform’s content saying, “Trainings are usually far, costly, and time-consuming. Now that we have the videos, we can learn to be more caring and loving with the children…[my colleagues] will love this.”

Another Rohingya caregiver trained on the platform added, “The content is very good. I understand it fully because it is in my language...the videos are to the point, and tell us exactly what to do.”

While NLG recently launched the platform with its partners in the Rohingya refugee camps, they are in conversations with humanitarian partners to expand the platform to serve the over 34 million globally displaced children around the world. Additionally, NLG is in production to produce an ongoing series of relevant child-focused training videos to meet the increasing training demands, globally.

Mr. Mansur concluded, “Children are our most vital resource. By showing up for them in more informed and supportive ways, we can help them overcome the cycle of trauma, violence, and instability. In this way we can build a better world for us all.”


No Limit Generation’s global child well-being platform is an engaging and field-accessible library of critical training resources that can be incorporated into any humanitarian intervention to better protect, support, and heal vulnerable and displaced children. The content is trauma-informed, evidence-based, and developed with leading child well-being experts. NLG is a Washington DC-based non-profit organization. Get in touch at; or access the platform at:


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