Critical training to better protect, support, and heal vulnerable children

It’s on us to create a

Culture of Care


 We believe in the inherent strength, resilience, and limitless potential of each child.

See what child well-being professionals and caregivers have to say about No Limit Gen’s training content:


We create the conditions for children to rise & thrive when we:


Create safe, structured, & inclusive environments


Are engaged as caring, trustworthy, and supportive adults


Believe in a child’s

potential to heal, grow, and succeed



We support your organization’s commitment to quality of care.

Through our globally accessible resources, individuals and organizations can better protect, support, and heal vulnerable and displaced children.


Trauma informed




Designed to supplement existing interventions


Testimonials from around the world:

“I like that the videos are to the point, and tell us exactly what to do.”

-NGO Aid worker

“Training is a double-edged sword with limited funds and time. This is an interesting way to provide ongoing, sustainable support for our teams so they can make better decisions with children and their families.”

-Mental Health Director at global humanitarian agency

“I am personally very happy to see training materials like this exist. Much of the training content in the camps are not culturally contextualized [like No Limit Gen’s] approach.”

-Lead Trainer at a global humanitarian agency

"I better understand now what these children are going through, so I will be more loving and respectful in my approach with them."

-Child-Friendly Space Facilitator

“Trainings are usually far, costly, time-consuming. Now that we have videos, we can learn to be more caring and loving with the children... My colleagues will love this.”

-NGO Lead Coordinator for child well-being programs

“I did these practices last night, and I slept so good! I woke up feeling refreshed.”

-NGO Aid Worker

"I thought that education and play would be enough to heal the child, but now I realize there are other important factors like healthy sleep, routine, proper food, the ways we speak and interact with them."

-Child-Friendly Space Facilitator

“Getting this platform out to the world is so important, so that people —wherever they are around the world— can listen to it at the click of a button”

-Lead Psychologist of girls’ program

"This isn’t just for children, it’s for us [as their caregivers] as well. We are going through our own challenges, and these videos help us understand how to take take care of ourselves”

-Child-Friendly Space Facilitator


No Limit Gen’s content has been shown to:


Strengthen resilience


Improve educational outcomes


Improve health outcomes


Improve level of care between caregiver and children


Improve caregiver wellbeing


Positively impact quality of life for the child & Caregiver


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Our Story

In 2017, over 700,000 Rohingya refugees fled ethnic cleansing and genocide as they sought refuge in Bangladesh. Over 60% of them were children who faced extreme vulnerabilities including child trafficking, sexual assault, and malnutrition. In response to the crisis No Limit Generation’s founder, Samier Mansur, founded the the “Safe Haven” in partnership with the award winning JAAGO Foundation, where 500 children are provided a safe environment, food, education, and better access to emotional health and wellbeing.

No Limit Generation was subsequently founded in response to the critical need for child well-being training and resources on the front lines of humanitarian crisis’ and vulnerable communities. It is designed as a holistic platform for recovery, support, and healing that supports to organizations and individuals working with vulnerable children and at-risk children.

Since its launch in 2019, the No Limit Gen Platform is in use globally, from South Asia, to the Middle East, South America, and the United States.


Every 6 SECONDS a child is displaced from their home




Forcibly displaced people in the world



Of the world’s displaced are children



Reside in locations with limited to no mental health support


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