We are driven by a mission to bring love and support to children who need it most

Our Core Values


Our north star begins with our heart. This aligns our actions with the purpose, clarity, and precision needed to serve the cause.


It’s not about us. It’s about those we serve. We create with their priorities and needs front and center.

No Limits

We believe in a world where there are no limits to growth and impagination. Love has no limits - neither does our mission and potential for impact.

Keep it Simple

The world can be complex, and simplicity is the result of organizing that complexity, thoughtfully. We keep our training content and interactions simple.


We are accessible and transparent from the way we create and share our content, to our interactions with partners. Accessibility allows us to magnify our service and impact.

Inclusive & Representative

The world is diverse, so our solutions must be reflective and inclusive of this diversity in order to be effective.

Our Team

No Limits Generation is led by a team of proven social-entrepreneurs and proven tech and media veterans working in close collaboration with leading, child well-being experts, educators, and mental health professionals.

Samier Mansur

CEO & Founder

Kevin Thompson


Michael Pund

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Operations

Jasmine Aguilera

Production Lead

Jonathan Beaton

Creative Director

Norman Jones

Community Relations Associate

Cara Frimet

Marketing & Public Relations Associate

Ryne Szott

Partnerships Associate

Our Stellar Advisors

Christina Bethell,PhD, MBA, MPH

Director, Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative

Somiari Fubara

Mental Health Specialist, GEANCO Foundation

Holly Carter

Founder & Executive Director, BYkids

Jim Brasher

Strategic Growth Advisor

Ali Jawaid

Neuroscientist Medical Doctor

Dr. Patricia Gerbarg

Pioneering Clinical Psychiatrist, Author

Meera Seshadri

Youth & Adolescent Global Health Communication Specialist

Sahar Hafeez

International Law & Human Rights Lawyer

John Balkam

Partnership Development & Sponsorship

Gretchen Steidel

Gender & Social Impact

Swamy Ramaswamy

Technology Executive

Dr. Richard Brown

Pioneering Clinical Psychiatrist


Operations Management

Special Thank You to Our Former Volunteers

This mission wouldn’t be possible without your support and contribution

  • Dina Masri
  • Chris Phillips
  • Weslia Wang
  • Bernadette Coyle
  • Yu Lin Shen
  • Suzy Bourassa
  • Malaika Khafra
  • Matt Khan
  • Haley Davie
  • Tarun Mahadwar
  • Wade Meaders
  • Aizhan Kul-Mukhammed
  • Shamaila Usmani
  • Dr. Catherine Ireland
  • Peter LaPointe
  • Swamy Ramaswamy
  • Jacob Sabel

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